Anyone who has even only briefly encountered a male anime fan on the internet probably knows two things about them: 1) they’re nerds; and 2) they’re obsessed with unrealistic depictions of women’s bodies. As it turns out, only one of those things may be true, at least for one VTuber.

FalseEyeD, a VTuber, recently tweeted about Matara Kan, a fellow VTuber, and some recent physical changes she has undergone. The tweet reads, “TVS is ready to confirm that Matara’s Mataras have increased on her new model by 46 percent in area, 79 percent in volume and 21 percent in cup size.” It continues, “Thanks to the dedicated engineers on our Discord, who last night spent 2.5 hours running the numbers!”

Attached are three images of Matara in which her right breast is circled in order to highlight the described changes.

Others were quick to point out that the crack team of mathematicians involved in crunching these numbers might want to go back to school, because their understanding of cup sizes and the subsequent math based on that understanding are both incredibly flawed.

As this tweeter points out, this isn’t how cup sizes work; cup size is directly proportional to volume. Another person added, “Her cup size has gone up more from her band shrinking to approximately 12 inches than her boobs growing lmao.” For this reason, everyone was baffled as to how it took anyone two and a half hours to make these calculations, let alone a supposed team of “engineers.”

Even if their math were right, doing boob math for a VTuber you find hot because you’re obsessed with depictions of women that involve unrealistically large, gravity-defying breasts is usually considered a red flag by most people on Earth. Consider going back to college and getting a minor in grass-touch engineering, guys.