60 years after President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed while riding in a motorcade through Dallas, Texas, another famous face has spoken out, demanding Americans learn the truth about what really happened on that grassy knoll — none other than the late president’s nephew, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Back in May, the aspiring Commander-in-Chief sat down with Vigilant News about his latest conspiracy, believing (probably rightfully tbh) that the CIA most definitely played a role in his uncle’s 1963 assassination.

"The evidence is so mountainous now and so overwhelming that the CIA was involved not only in the murder but in the cover-up, which is 60th year [sic] and still involved in it," he said in the clip, which went viral on Wednesday’s anniversary, before denouncing Lee Harvey Oswald as a “CIA asset.”

Yet RFK is far from alone. Over the past six decades, several theories have emerged arguing that there was most definitely more to the story than the official report — including one about Oswald’s sharpshooting skills.

“Lee Harvey Oswald, who was considered a [sic] poor shot within the military, managed to pull off one of the most proficient assassinations in history in such a perfect manner,” wrote one Redditor, who has since deleted their account, on an r/AskReddit thread detailing the assassination. “Trained, expert marksmen have been barely able to reproduce the shots in multiple test over the years.”

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But not everyone was sold on Oswald being the perpetrator, including Redditor r/Ecstatic_Literature1, who argued that the then-POTUS was possibly taken out by friendly fire.

“Secret Service Agent George Hickey may have been accidentally responsible for a headshot on Kennedy when the vehicle he was in suddenly stopped while he was trying to engage Oswald,” they speculated.

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The late President’s body, too, also landed itself as fodder for conspiracy, with u/Up_Full_One noting that hospital staffers had some strange notions about receiving Kennedy’s corpse.

“The most intriguing thing to me in the JFK assassination story is that young servicemen at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Washington, DC, casually assumed that the bronze casket that everyone saw on TV arrive from Dallas was a decoy,” they added. “They had already received JFK's body, which arrived earlier in a body bag.”

Though the world may never know what actually went down in Dallas on that fateful afternoon, one thing is certain — JFK most definitely failed the green line test (too soon?).