Bad news for people who enjoy clean water, breathable air, and like their trains carrying dangerous substances choo-choo-ing along rather than exploding into a mushroom cloud of toxic smoke: A second derailment has hit the locomotive industry.

On Thursday, February 16, another train carrying hazardous materials derailed near Detroit, Michigan, per The Hill. Coming mere days after the derailment and chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, sparked headlines, fears, and eerily on-the-nose comparisons to works of dystopian, absurdist fiction, the most recent locomotive incident in Van Buren Township, Michigan is more contained — thank god.

While local authorities stated that there is “no evidence” that any of the toxic materials leaked from their respective containers, as their cars were not “compromised” in the accident, residents were warned to steer clear of the site uh… just in case, a sentiment The Michigan Dept. of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy reiterated as the news began to spread.

“EGLE is aware of the train derailment in Van Buren Township, Wayne County, where initial reports indicate no threat to the public from the derailment,” the agency said in a statement, noting that while there is “no threat to the public,” their agents “are on their way to the scene to assist in assessing the situation.”

So, freight trains, if you’re reading this, please stop spilling your hazardous materials everywhere. This isn’t you.