Anti-earthquake bed - insta coffin

The anti-earthquake bed seems like a good idea. Detecting those wall-shattering shudders early, this bed could react fast, and shield you from any falling debris or collapsing structures before you'd even have the chance to wake up. With food and water inside, you could survive for days while rescue crews search through the rubble, giving you the best chance at survival. 

Of course this sounds like a literal Hell for anyone who's claustrophobic, and people can't help but feel like it's just a fancy way to get buried alive. 

This is all in the event that it works as intended. Considering that building shattering earthquakes are relatively rare, it seems that the odds something goes wrong outside of that scenario is much higher. 

And of course, how sensitive would the bed's sensors be? I can think of a few ways it might decide that there's an earthquake going on. 

While safety innovations are always welcome, so is common sense. We are frail beings, and there comes a point where every single deadly scenario cannot be totally prevented without sacrificing our day to day comfort to an unacceptable level. The anti-earthquake bed, or insta coffin, is just plain silly.