It’s survival of the fittest out there.

A TikToker was filming a 'Get Ready With Me' vlog in her room – deliberating between wearing a green wrap top or a green romper – when in the background there can be heard a man screaming multiple times for help. The 30-second video is a masterclass in fashion over care.

“They’re yelling ‘police help.’ Anyways this jumper it zips down,” she says, showing the front zipper zipping down, before grabbing her camera to go see what all the commotion is about. 

The video was then shared on Twitter before it was deleted by the original poster TikTok, most likely due to backlash.

The Tiktoker defended herself in another video showing the last few seconds that she cut from her original video. In the caption, she explained that she did not see anyone outside her window and did not find any reports of any incident in her area.  

“We have a patrol police officer on duty in this neighborhood, so I thought they were calling them over,” she wrote. “...When crazy circumstances arise I tend to have a ‘freeze and deny’ delulu reaction for a brief moment until reality/the panic processes. I’m not saying it's a good instinct but it's just how I inadvertently respond when I'm flabbergasted.”


Let’s pretend i didnt have a bruise on my leg & that the background wasnt a musty college town house

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Nevertheless, the GRWM video was made and it was stunning (the zip-down romper with sparkly black cowboy boots was a perfect ensemble).