The new Apple Vision Pro certainly exists — and that’s about all you can say about it at this point.

While reviewers have praised its augmented reality features, the everyday application of the Vision Pro still seems unclear. Want to take it with you on the road? It’s got a two-and-a-half-hour battery life and a three-and-a-half-grand price tag (a thief’s dream!). Want to use it to capture naturalistic photos and videos? Be prepared to walk around looking like a dumbass wearing ski goggles the price of a used Chevy. Maybe you want to watch popular movies and TV shows — well, the Vision Pro is currently lacking dedicated YouTube, Netflix and Spotify apps, meaning that any content will have to be consumed via the device’s web browser.

To summarize, it’s an absolutely incredible feat of engineering; it just doesn’t seem to have figured out where it’s going to be used in the lives of the few people with the pocket change to buy it.

Recently, one reviewer tried to find a use for it in cooking — and those who loved the idea promptly got roasted. The review itself is actually pretty good, as the Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern tests the features of the device and gives her thoughts. At one point, she cooks with the Vision Pro and, though she notes some issues, seems generally capable of preparing a meal while following directions on the device (even though the app explicitly warns against cooking while wearing it).

Seeing this, some X/Twitter users got excited. Could this be the future of cooking?

The answer, according to those responding to this Tweet, is no. In short, users weren’t thrilled about bringing their $3,500 headset into the kitchen to prepare fettuccine alfredo, no matter how much easier it made keeping track of cooking times. Sure, I could just set two timers, but then how would people know that I’m bad with money?

Will the Vision Pro revolutionize kitchens? Probably not. Will it change the world in other ways? Uh, maybe? Right now, no one is certain — but for the time being, Apple should get ready for the likely influx of support tickets for “my Vision Pro is covered in pasta sauce.”