Grindset bros have been giving people creative, albeit, laughable financial advice ever since there’s been an internet for them to post it on. Back in January, we covered financial gurus who discovered loans from the bank as a new ‘free money’ hack, and now they’re back with a different tip. Except this time it involves buying Apple’s newest product, the Vision Pro. 

In this tweet, the financial Twitter account @WSBChairman uses the appreciation of a brand new original iPhone to predict that a Vision Pro might be worth around half a million in a little over a decade. Pretty good value, especially compared to a normal S&P investment.

“At this point, investing in Apple Vision Pros might be the only way to keep up with inflation,” he said.

While it’s hard to tell how serious @WSBChairman is with his advice, he might have accidentally stumbled upon a principle that baseball card collectors, Nintendo lovers, and Pawn Shop watchers have known for years: Having the original of a cult classic will make you rich.

Except, will the Apple Vision Pro really etch itself into the cultural zeitgeist like the iPhone? Not very many people think so.

“iPhone was a totally revolutionary first in many ways,” @slatticus said. “Vision Pro is Apple’s vastly superior version of something we are all already familiar with.”

So unless you truly believe that the Vision Pro is the next iPhone, original Mario game, or Mickey Mantle's rookie card, it might be best to keep your Vision Pro dreams reserved for while you’re wearing them.