ghost highway - trucker arizona

A truck driver named William Church recorded this video using his dash cam at approximately 2:30 AM on March 11th, while driving along Arizona's State Route 87. In the video, an odd-looking figure can be seen standing alongside the highway, glowing under the beam of the truck's headlights. After seeing the video on YouTube, many people wondered if the figure was a ghost, or a being of different supernatural origins. 

Church described the figure to Fox News as looking like a person, and "just standing on the roadway." He also stated that "You can see the lines through the legs," which is visible in the video. 

Arizona State Route 87 was named one of Arizona's most deadly roads by Valley Chevy Dealers in Phoenix, and its tally of fatal accidents has left some people believing that it is haunted. 

Some people are pointing to the figure's translucent appearance as evidence that it is supernatural in nature, suggesting the highway line wouldn't shine through the legs of an animal or person. 

Personally, I believe that the figure is a deer. The white bib color and beady eyes of a deer could definitely glow like that under the beam of a truck's headlights. The poor quality of the video, combined with the relative speed of the truck is also more than enough to make it appear as if a deer's skinny legs do not obscure the road line. 

The southwest is full of people professing the paranormal, and this incident is just one of many. Following last month's news of the United States shooting down multiple UAPs, people still have the supernatural fresh on their minds. It will take more than a 240p dash cam video to convince me though.