It’s the question setting social media ablaze … and making everyone over the age of 15 question whether they’ve just had a stroke.

Back in March, Olivia Dunne, a Louisiana State University gymnast better known to her 7.5 million TikTok followers as @livvy, collaborated with “Baby Gronk,” 10-year-old football prodigy Madden San Miguel in a viral video encouraging the pre-teen to play at LSU pending his 2031 high school graduation.

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“You have to come here, it’s awesome!” Dunne quipped after learning San Miguel was considering kicking off his career as an LSU tiger.

“I probably will,” replied Baby Gronk, who has no relation to his namesake NFL star, Rob Gronkowski, eliciting a hug and “You’re so cute!” from Dunne.  

Though the video only garnered slightly north of 173,900 likes in its nearly four months on San Miguel’s Instagram page, a repost on the viral sports aggregate page @houseofhighlights amassed nearly 472,000 likes. It wasn't until TikTok creator Henry De Rolla – a.k.a. @h00pify – posted a recap of the inconsequential clip that the interaction became a meme. 

“This video is making me feel schizophrenic,” Twitter user @BenShh1 captioned their repost of one of the clips.

And they’re not wrong. De Rolla’s viral “analysis” has all the makings of a Gen Z – nay, Gen Alpha – fever dream. A niche cast of TikTok characters. A ceaseless repetition of the word “rizz.” Erroneous allegations that 10-year-old San Miguel is dating 20-year-old Dunne, allegedly stealing her from another creator named Drip King, a fellow TikTok creator who despite making several stitches to Dunne’s videos has probably never even met her in person. It’s messy, dramatic, and ceaselessly confusing.

“This is like that video from the Ring,” @appuntito160 wrote.  “I feel an inescapable dread that I’m gonna die in 7 days.”

“Can't take this anymore we are in the end times,” mused @cassterisk.

So is Baby Gronk the new Drip King after rizzing up by Livvy? The world may never know.