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Bam Margera, OG member of the legendary Jackass crew and a man we all pretty much grew up laughing along with, is not well. While many of his castmates have also struggled with substance abuse and addiction, most have turned it around. Hell, Steve-O - f**king STEVE-O, the guy who made 'butt chugging' a part of our lexicon - is now a poster child for success after sobriety, and he's absolutely killin' it too! 

Sadly, Bam's journey hasn't been quite as sunny. The former pro skater was famously pretty sloshed on camera for years and had his first stint in rehab back in 2009 when his then-wife called 911 after discovering him at the end of a four-day bender. 

Things really took a turn for the worse after Bam's castmate and best friend, Ryan Dunn, died in a drunk driving accident in 2011. The incident hit every member of the Jackass crew hard, but it was especially painful for Bam. 

Bam also developed bone spurs which effectively halted his skating career for several years. During this time, Bam's income came primarily from nightclub appearances - which only contributed further to his alcohol problem.

Over the years, Bam's been in and out of rehab several times, but a look at the videos posted to his socials seems to clearly indicate that it hasn't helped yet. He had another public relapse in 2018 after being robbed at gunpoint in Colombia, which he detailed on his Instagram.

TMZ actually asked Steve-O about the incident, who said that he was, sadly, not surprised by the admission and still hopes Bam will get healthy someday.

It was during these turbulent times that worries began to circulate amongst Jackass cast and production, as well as Paramount Studios, about whether Bam might be too big of a liability to include him in the film. Bam was contractually obligated to complete several stints of rehab and pass other wellness goals, but apparently didn't satisfy the terms of his contract as he revealed he was fired from Jackass 4 in a video from February 2021 that's just hard to watch.

Currently, Bam is still out of the movie and has boycotted it. He has made several claims that his former castmates have all turned against him.  When asked about these claims, each of those cast members hoped he gets the help he needs to be healthy soon. 

It's an unfortunate reality of addiction that it creates a victimized mindset where it seems everyone is against you, and at least from an outsider's perspective that seems to be what's happening here. Despite repeated visits to rehab, it doesn't seem like Bam is fully invested in his sobriety.

The comments on every video about/by him all folllow the same thread:

 Adam Rojas 2 days ago It kills me to see him like this. They just want to help you Bam. They care more than you think.

rillip · 5h Dude doesn't need to be in a Jackass film. Dude needs serious therapy. Hope he's going to that therapist they recommended.

 stubbla Dude. Get back on your ish. The world misses you and your antics 2w4 likesReply

GrimeyTackle 1 day ago This is the most upsetting thing i've seen in a while that's for sure  13   Ihab H. Bouch Ihab H. Bouch 19 hours ago Your friends care, Bam. They actually love you, even though you don't see it. Of Steve-o can get clean, so can you.

Sir_Donkey_Lips · 1h I follow him and his wife on instagram and his wife puts up with a TON of his shit. Bam is off the rails and has been for YEARS. His problem is that he seems to refuse to accept any responsibility for his own actions and is constantly blaming everyone else around him. It's like some weird mental disorder/defense his brain has established. It's strange, but I feel bad for the guy. He's clearly ill.

 Tyler Wells 5 months ago Ever since Ryan has passed he's been getting worse, I have hope you can get better brother.

 tommy1656 Bam plz get the help NOW, we can’t lose you, the messages you posted lately are not good, plz get help

 level 1 Hahlia · 3h He really needs help. But he’s got to want it for himself. Until then he’s going to continue blaming everyone who cares about him, having delusional thoughts and repeatedly making the same arguments.   165   Reply Give Award Share Report Save  User avatar level 2 Wrinklestiltskin · 58m This is absolutely correct. He could have all the help in the world, but it won't make a difference unless he wants it and is willing to put in the effort. That's not to say that it's that simple or easy to get into remission from addiction, but it is a necessary component.  My cousin just died of an overdose Monday. She had so much family support that she would just abuse until the family member stopped supporting her. She didn't want to change, and never tried. She systematically went thru everyone, and even abandoned her children. The individual has to want to change, or they never will.

Bam if there's even the slightest chance you're reading this, just know we all love you man. All of us at EBW, from the editors to the casual s**tposters, grew up on your antics. And yes, you were drunk in a lot of them and maybe you feel like we won't love you anymore if you take that away but I'm gonna depart from our usual 'telling everyone to go F**K themselves' mentality and tell you that yes, we will still love you, dude. We'll love you even more for having conquered your demons. 

What you're going through right now, we wouldn't wish on anyone. EBW is probably the single greatest proponent of the Jackass mentality outside of you and your castmates, but it's time to get serious. Here's hoping we celebrate your sobriety soon.