Cops on your a—? Time to almost commit manslaughter!

That’s the philosophy that one reckless driver took while trying to escape the caravan of police cars chasing his truck, ramming into a cherry picker crane — the only other vehicle in the parking lot — and nearly killing a construction worker in an attempt to flee the authorities.

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“Holy s—t!” the worker, who recorded the incident, screamed as the entire platform rocked into an adjacent building.

Though fortunately, it appears the construction worker was unharmed from the incident, the people of TikTok were naturally horrified by the close call.

“Dude almost turned that boom lift into a trebuchet,” wrote @DemonDxck while @Jay detailed the surprising physics of cherry picker cranes.

“People who’ve never been in a boom lift don’t understand how bouncy that basket gets,” they wrote.

Though all parties may be a-okay following the accident, it could have been a whole lot worse. As @xxragingxcajunxx7 so aptly put it, this video most definitely shows  “how to make a boom lift into a Port-o-John.