On today’s installment of instant karma, TikToker @zer2unchi took to the platform with an important lesson about making snarky remarks, singlehandedly proving the age-old adage of talk shit get hit … with viral fame.

Late last month, the creator uploaded a now-viral video depicting her and her brother embarking on a “cold plunge during sunrise,” an adventure she filmed on her phone. As she and her sibling traversed the frigid waters, the pair were met with another icy surprise — some chilly comments from seemingly bitter onlookers blissfully unaware their comments would be heard by upwards of 24 million people.

“They’re crazy, they’re nuts,” said one woman depicted in the clip, which has since garnered more than 5.6 million likes. “They’re either trying to sober really quick for a reason or they're just nuts,” she continued, before taking a moment to make a snide remark about @zer2unchi’s choice to wear a thong bikini.

@betch This is everything (via: @zer2unchi ♬ original sound - Betch

“I know, gosh,” replied another woman on the beachside stroll. “She’s got a killer body but still.”

Despite their backhanded remarks — let’s be real here, who *doesn’t* want to be running around in a bikini in January? — it seems @zer2unchi took their comments in stride.

“No hate to them it just made me laugh,” she quipped in the caption, a notion several commenters reiterated.

“Nah this confidence boost this would give me ,” replied TikTok user @flankkkkkk alongside a series of laughing emojis.

“If some random old woman said I have ‘a killer body’ I’d be blushin,” added @kaelameso, with user “@timegosleep adding the all-caps musing that “THIS IS SO SWEET.”