Being Twitter's main character of the weekend is a thankless job, but one girl’s TikTok of her taking home an 'expensive couch' she found on the streets of New York brought the platform together to collectively say; “eww.”

Amanda, @yafavv.mandaa on TikTok, found a blue bubble couch on the sidewalk on her way home and brought it home (after a steam clean of course). She claimed it was the Roche Babois Bubble designer couch that sells for over $8,000.

“The bedbugs and roaches inside the couch after they find out they have a new home to infest,” tweets one user with a video of a church lady dancing.

“I’m imagining all the things that COULD have happened on that seat before she brought it home,” comments another user.  

This led to many people theorizing about what happened to the couch before it landed on the street. Was it haunted? Was it housing for a beautiful bed bug family? Was someone just moving and this woman stole their property?

The funniest one is @emmycantread’s tweet, “Has anyone seen my heavily squirted-on couch? I put it out on the sidewalk to dry this morning and now it’s gone. It looks like this”.

Many people looked into the validity of the couch itself. One user noticed that the fabric of the couch in the video did not resemble the original Roche Bobois couch, leading people to believe the couch was a knockoff from Aliexpress.

After a weekend of pile-on disgust, Amanda made a response video. She corrected that she thoroughly washed the couch and it stayed in her father’s warehouse for two weeks to dry. No roach on the big blue couch.

@yafavv.mandaa Replying to @Habibi the long awaited couch update #nyc #couch ♬ original sound - yafavvmandaa

Now, many people asked her, why would a rich person leave an over $8000 couch on the street.

Well, the couch has some rips and baked-in stains.

“It doesn’t stink, it doesn't have an odor, it’s literally clean, it's just the stains that are on the couch,” She corrects in her video while lounging on her controversial street find.  

“It was thrown out in front of a very rich building, so I took the opportunity and brought it in. Rich people throw out their furniture all the time cause they get new furniture every other year.”  

Stooping furniture is a big part of city life but it all comes with a price and risk. If she loves her stained possibly fake designer blue bubble couch that may or may not have a concerning past life, then so be it!