As the Affleck-aissance comes to a close, an era defined by Superbowl commercials and rekindling his romance with ex-fiancée and current wife Jennifer Lopez, one key Affleckian axiom has slipped from the zeitgeist like the actor’s tray full of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups in that one heartbreakingly viral 2020 photo.

Affleck can – and will – look absolutely downtrodden in any given moment.

Earlier this week, the Justice League alum’s RMF (resting miserable face) captivated tabloids and Twitter’s Affleck fanboys after he was papped sporting an absolutely dejected scowl while opening the car door for Lopez during a recent outing in Santa Monica, California.

“Ben Affleck looks miserable with Jennifer Lopez, slams car door in her face,” read a headline from Spanish news outlet Marca, before arguing that “Affleck has long been known for being serious, if not cranky, but this is different.”

“‘Miserable’ Ben Affleck ‘slams’ door on Jennifer Lopez in viral video,” penned Page Six, questioning whether there is “trouble in paradise?” for the famous newlyweds.

Celebrity news outlets weren’t the only ones taking note of Affleck’s possibly pained expression, several Twitter users sounded off on the star’s sneer.

“That man look STRESSED,” Twitter user @Bornakang captioned a clip of the incident amassing more than 35 million views on Twitter.

While several were quick to cite Affleck’s expression as further proof of the star’s alleged marital woes with Lopez, others took a step back, noting how the Air actor/director has always looked like he absolutely hates his life.

“This man always looks stressed and tired even before getting back together with her. Y’all always gotta drag JLo somehow,” mused Twitter user @22dbrit in their viral reply to @Bornakang’s video.

Meanwhile, others speculated that hounding paparazzi probably didn’t do much to improve Affleck’s mood.

“He just wants some privacy and to be treated like a normal human being,” mused  @s_p_i_r_i_t_u_s of the viral video. “Why can't people just say hello and have a good day without putting a camera and microphone on their face?”

So take it from Affleck: Chivalry may not be dead, but our third-favorite Batman will always be dead inside.