After years of attempting to use his platform to denounce immigrants, it seems Ben Shapiro has decided to tackle another type of migration — denying the pervasive online rumors surrounding his allegedly wonky lip filler.

Amid widespread speculation surrounding his suspiciously plumped pout — including an entire Instagram page documenting his lips’ mysterious shape-shifting powers — the aspiring Aflac voice actor took to his eponymous podcast with what may be the least convincing denial since then-Presient Bill Clinton promised us he definitely “didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.”

“I am here for the full denial. l do not have lip filler, I have never had lip filler, I have no intention of having lip filler,” the “WAP” cover artist explained before detailing just how “amused” he is at the spectacle surrounding his allegedly nonexistent passion for Juvederm.

“For the record, I have not had botox, I have not had lip filler,” he insisted, his lower lip somehow appearing more butt-like with each inflection, before boasting that he is “5’9” and I weigh 158 pounds and no matter how many people tell you I’m 5’4.”

After yet again taking any opportunity to reference his short stature, Shapiro concluded  his rant with a heartfelt plea, begging viewers to keep their “eyes up here, guys.”

“Stop objectifying me, stop treating me like an assemblage of body parts,” he continued.  “I’m a human with a soul. I’m a human with feelings so you stop that right now, internet, you and your lip filler obsessions.”

Ben, it’s okay to have lip filler, many - much hotter and much taller - people have taken the plump lip plunge.