Okay, this is epic! Ben Shapiro is having a very bad, not so good week. In an interview released today, Ben Shapiro gets into it with conservative BBC reporter and editor of the conservative magazine, The Spectator, Andrew Niel. at one point in the interview, Ben urges Niel to admit is "left-leaning ideologies' and accused him of "not know who he is", before he cuts the interview short. 

Here is a clip when things took a turn for the worse. 

Before the interview aired, Ben made sure to get out in front of it by tweeting this, hoping it would ward off some of the criticism he knew he'd get. 

And if you check out the full interview below, you'll hear Andrew Niel say, "thanks for showing us American discourse isn't filled with anger" a nod to the book Ben was there promoting, as Ben angrily ends the interview. 

Sorry Ben, but facts don't care about your feelings! 

And here is Ben trying to play it cool! 

Okay, THIS is Epic!