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Today, Pornhub launched a completely asexual website to host videos of people washing their hands. It's called Scrubhub and it's about as squeaky clean as you'd expect.

But among the dorky videos of women moaning while scrubbing bubbles and misleading titles like "Washing My Hot Fortnite Playing Stepbrother Brad As He Sprays Me," there's a couple videos that actually elicit a chuckle.

The website came about after a designer jokingly tweeted the idea at Pornhub, and it functions as a donation page to collect money for charities that deliver groceries and food to those affected by COVID-19 or people working on the frontlines.

If you're big into hand fetishes or really desperate to look like you're browsing Pornhub during the middle of the day without actually watching any porn, this may be the perfect site.