It seems like every few months, there’s a renewed effort to try to ban TikTok.

The efforts behind these proposed bans are not, as some may hope, an attempt to curb the rampant deterioration of everyone’s attention spans. Rather, legislators say that TikTok, which was originally founded by Chinese entrepreneurs, could pose a security risk due to its alleged connection to the Chinese government.

Most of the time, these bans have fallen apart, either due to lack of support internally or, presumably, backlash from old guys wearing sunglasses who would still love to film videos in their cars where they scream about Panera messing up their order.

However, a recent attempt to ban TikTok is currently making its way through Congress and, if passed, Joe Biden says he plans to sign it. That’s why users on X are sharing their favorite TikToks to try to show the value of the platform — or at the very least, serve as a worthy send-off for its time on the internet.

First came the sketches, ranging from “healing monks,” to fake prison interviews, to a relationship gone awry, and more.

There was also that guy who tried boba tea and had the appropriate reaction.

Personally, I also love all of the family and friend drama videos. Watching them is cheaper than flying home for Thanksgiving!

There are, of course, the videos that riff on the worst parts of TikTok. You know the kind of poster I’m talking about.

That’s not even mentioning the creators who are just straight up, uh, different.

Given just how popular TikTok is, it’s not *super* likely that it will be banned. It could always happen, though — so if there’s a video you love, now’s the time to save it.