Though Ozempic may come with a whole host of benefits, helping celebs shed pounds, serving as an integral tool for those with diabetes, and birthing the most annoyingly catchy jingle in the entire history of medical advertising, this “wonder drug” comes with one major side effect — heralding the “gyattocaust” for a— men everywhere.

With more and more celebrities, models, and famous faces jumping on the injection  — and the fitness train in general — guys who love butts have found themselves caught in the crossfire, taking to social media to mourn the big booties that have vanished now that thin is back in.

“Ozempic causing the gyattocaust,” @shrampmannne captioned before and after snaps depicting country music star Lainey Wilson before and after her highly-publicized 70-pound weight loss, later likening the flattening of her butt to “9/11.”

Though the musician has denied that Ozempic played a role in nabbing a toned new bod, citing her personal trainer and tweaks to he daily routine as the catalysts to her weight loss, per Country 103.7, a— fans still found themselves mourning her cake, heading to Twitter to pay their respects and rue the day the weight loss drug was ever invented.

“This is a crime against humanity,” wrote @Bornakang while @dyingscribe dubbed the phenomenon as "PAWG death.”

So take it from these heartbroken horndogs — if you’re gonna go on ozempic, at least don’t skip your squats.