Though Bill Gates may boast a long, impressive resume, founding a 2.1 trillion dollar company, earning a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and largely managing to keep his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein on the low, the tech mogul landed yet another accolade this week – nabbing the title of Twitter’s most notorious fast-food Karen.

Over the past several days, a 2019 photo depicting Gates waiting to fetch his order at Dick’s Drive-in in Seattle, Wash., began making the rounds again on hustle porn Twitter, as #grindset dudebros lauded the entrepreneur for the Herculean feat of standing around.

“The goal is to be rich, not to look rich,” wrote Twitter @ceosonson, a self-described “CEO of my own destiny,” alongside their repost of the image.

“When you’re worth $82.4 billion, casually dressed, you don’t need ‘swag’ to prove you’re ridiculously rich,” they continued. “He runs the largest charity in the world, & still stand in line like the rest of us, for burger, fries & Coke...that’s how real winners behave.”

Yet, instead of serving as an inspiring tale of billionaires being just like us … but like, with an ungodly amount of money, power and influence over foreign and domestic governments, another emerged – Gates’ penchant for purportedly terrorizing fast food workers.

“I’ve served him before,” recalled Twitter user @capriciouscappy in their now-viral reply to the original post. “He requires a high level of service and makes you clear out a whole section of a restaurant and put up visual blockers so regular customers don’t bother him.”

Despite these demands, which reportedly include “highly customized and complex orders” and sending items back, Gates still can’t find it in his more than $100 billion net worth to leave a semi-decent tip.

“Only tips 15% after all of that,” they explained, noting that service appeared to have no role in Gates’ approach to gratuity.

“He did this consistently to every server that worked with him through the several years that I worked at that restaurant,” they elaborated in a following tweet.

@capriciouscappy wasn’t the only Twitter user frustrated with the mogul’s manners – other restaurant workers and Twitter users flocked to the comments, detailing their alleged tales of Gates-ian woe.

“This exact thing happened to us when he came to the restaurant I worked at (in, like,  2012),” recalled @xtewfik. “As tipped workers, we were so excited — and then so disappointed.”

“In Spain, a top restaurant closed only to attend him for one night,” explained Twitter user @armintzzz. “He ordered a coke, drank it, and left.”

“Wait cuz he came into my mom’s job when she was a hostess in like 2000 and she gave him a really bad table (she didn’t even recognize him)," explained @TinasheTunisie. “He really did only tip like 15 percent.”

Remember, folks, the rich aren’t like us – they’re more like the burgers at Dick’s Drive-in.