No matter how badly your stoned a— wants a Crunch Wrap Supreme, there is most definitely a wild bear that wants it even more, a fact one Floridian family recently discovered the hard way.

On Friday, one Orlando, Florida couple’s cozy night in with their niece got off to an un-bear-able start, when they noticed that their $45 Uber Eats order from Taco Bell completely vanished from their doorstep.


Increible la inseguridad en esta ciudad de (Orlando Florida) definitivamente ni estamos seguros ni en nustra propia casa‍♀️ladron en captado en camara

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After scrubbing through their Ring camera footage to find the culprit, they discovered the thief was none other than a wild black bear, who not only snatched their meal, but came back for a nice, refreshing beverage.

“He came, and he grabbed the food – then he came again for the soda,” Nicole Castro, the niece in question, recalled of the incident, which has now gone viral on TikTok.

We can’t say we blame him — even wild animals know that no trip Taco Bell is complete without a Baja Blast.