Shoppers at a Denver, Colorado Target were in for quite the racist surprise after a blackface-clad Karen stormed the building on Wednesday, berating employees and customers alike in a cringe-inducing attempt at owning the libs.

“You’re a horrible person,” Karen, better known by her actual name Ersilia Campbell, fired back at a passerby who denounced her offensive getup.

Though observers continued to remind her of her minstrel-esque makeup.

“You’re literally doing blackface in the middle of the store,” one said — she tried to defend her anti-Black display by inexplicably broaching a Susan Boyle Halloween costume newsman Lester Holt wore five years ago.

“Lester Holt did whiteface and nobody said shit,” she snapped, referencing the NBC Nightly News Anchor’s 2018 look.

Campbell then continued her reign of terror by making yet another weirdly outdated demand, insisting upon seeing the retailer’s Pride collection even though Pride month ended several weeks ago.

“Where’s your Pride section? I need to know!” she screamed in the video as a worker attempted to tell her that Pride month ended on July 1. “Oh, I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag forever.”

Despite apologizing for her misunderstanding of Target’s Pride month merchandise and not her extremely racist appearance — “I was wrong. My bad. I don’t shop at Target, I just take pictures,” Campbell yelled — she left the store with a strange and extremely Boomer-y request: Upload any photos and videos of her onto Facebook.

“Post it on my Facebook, please, my Facebook friends love it,” she said, eliciting expressions of horror and surprise from those in the store.

But Target wasn’t the only locale Campbell hit during her day out in Blackface. She also dropped by a Starbucks, where she shared a bizarre video hinting that the purpose of her makeup may have been to strike revenge on her former employer.

“Hey Facebook! I’m looking for a job today!” she said in a video captured at the coffee chain, noting that she hadn’t treated herself to a coffee since “the post office got rid of me.”

“Trump is coming! I’m showing my titties!” she continued before flaunting her two strategically-placed Trump 2024 stickers.

MAGA Facebook Moms: The only people who flaunt their bad politics with even worse makeup.