Don’t come between an old man and his lawn — an important lesson one lawn-care enthusiast recently discovered the hard way after nearly landing in a fistfight with his neighbor over allegations of wiley leaf blowing.

 “We’re gonna have a personal problem!” the leaf-blower-wielding man yelled, pointing his finger toward the camera in a now-viral clip uploaded to TikTok.

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While the man behind the camera attempted to fire back — “Looks like there’s one already!” he said  — his enraged neighbor evidently wanted nothing to do with his snarky remarks.

“There is one already,” he screamed. “And if you weren't so p—y, you’d do something about it! You blow your s—t onto everybody!”

The cameraman continually denied his neighbor’s accusations of rogue leaf blowing — “I didn’t blow it on anybody!” he said — yet the neighbor wasn’t buying his claims, calling bulls—t in the most spectacular way possible.

“You’re a lying c—ksucker!” he hollered.

Though the world may never know whether the homeowner was, in fact, guilty of these leaf maintenance crimes, one thing is for sure — old men don’t mess around when it comes to their lawns.