Boston Market gets destroyed on Twitter after posting a cringe filled meme

Honestly, this is exactly what brands deserve when they try to interject themselves into the 'conversations' people are having online. The scheme is simple, be normal and funny just like the humans. Wether it's a silly post, a snarky reply or a meme designed to get your audience talking, the tactics brands use to garner attention and organic reach online it pretty pathetic. 

So when Boston Market shared a meme on their Twitter page, they got exactly what they deserved when people began brigading the post with a picture of a 'stuffed chicken'. And by stuffed chicken we mean a picture of an uncooked chicken that some dude put is manhood inside *image below*. 

This is how it started. An outdated (by our standards) meme that they hoped would land them some funny comments like these. 

You know, the type of comment that is 'wild' but within the lines of what a brand can deal with. But more than most were , less than ideal for their branded engagement. 

The goal for these social campaigns is to have real engagement. To be able (as a brand) to comment on what people are saying. Well, out of the hundreds and by now thousands of comments in the thread, there are very few that Boston Market felt comfortable 'engaging ' with. Most of them were like this, but worse. 

And then it all changed for the worse when someone left this comment. What if my chicken is the girlfriend, and attached an image which we will show below, of their pee-pee inside a cold chicken. 

So what did Boston Market do? The began hiding the replies, but only so many of them before the entire thread was taken over with similiar versions of this post. 

Hey Boston Market, here is that social engagement you wanted? Oh not what you were thinking? Let this be a warning to any brand that tries to come into our space, the peoples space with that fact "were people too" bs. Because honestly, if a brand tries to post like the rest of us, they deserve to be trolled with pictures of some cock inside of an uncooked chicken.