Her a— may be down there, but his eyes are begrudgingly up here.

One concertgoer recently pulled off a feat that has evaded countless men over the centuries, successfully managing to avoid checking out another girl’s butt while at a concert with his girlfriend.

The near-stare went down during a recent DJ Mad arena set, when a twerking fan was featured on the stadium’s jumbotron, shaking it to a Bad Bunny remix mere inches away from another attendee and what appeared to be his S.O.

While the man in question was evidently aware of the action happening directly behind his head, he remained steadfast, refusing to turn around and watch for himself, an effort that was clearly not enough for his GF. After noticing him taking a glance at the giant screen, she promptly covered his eyes.

The people of Twitter, however, took note of his impressive restraint, commending him for doing his damndest to keep his eyes away from the prize.

“Bro wanted to turn around so bad,” @shannonsharpeee captioned her upload of the clip.

“I would’ve turned,” added @Sobsoil while @SheCallsMe_Lxrd explained how any partner of theirs would have to give them more grace than the unwitting jumbotron celebrity.

“My girl would’ve had to understand there’s a task at hand rn,” they wrote.

So take it from this tale of concert woe — even the most doting boyfriends sometimes deserve a little glance as a treat.