Just because dogs can scuba dive doesn’t mean they should scuba dive… or maybe I should mind my business.

One poor pooch captured the internet’s tiny, blackened heart — and sympathies — after a video depicting their dive down into the deep sea began making the rounds on Twitter.

@toptrending.tt Recently a custome made diving gear was made for a dog, alllwing a dive just shy of 100m. Do you think this is cruel or cool?! #dog #divingdog #puppy #ocean #swimmingdog #diving #scuba #scubadiving #swim #swimming #tren #trending #clips #viral #viralclips ♬ Stargazing (Slowed + Reverb) - Marcelo De Carvalho

Though the scuba team and someone who appears to be the dog’s owner were all smiles during the endeavor, the pup’s face said it all — specifically “get me the f—k out of here.”

“Bro has no idea what’s going on,” @Bornakang captioned the now-viral video.

“He’s like “I can’t sniff any of this, this is bullshit,” wrote @Marr3ro, while @AnyanwuEze speculated on what, exactly, was going through the scuba team’s head.

“And they’ll be like, ‘the dog had such an amazing experience,’” they joked. 

So take it from this scared pooch — if you’re gonna insist on making your pup doggy paddle, please, for the love of god, stick to the pool.