Making it in Hollywood is easy – all you need is hard work, a good agent, and iconic television director Ron Howard as your father.

Earlier this week, OG nepo baby Bryce Dallas Howard took a break from appearing in rousing musical numbers reminding people she is not, in fact, Jessica Chastain, to make an important offering to “aspiring artists & fellow dreamers,” providing tips on how to craft a successful big-screen career.

“When I graduated high school in the spring of ‘99, I was thoroughly optimistic about starting my career,” she wrote in the post, shared on Wednesday, May 24. “By the time my classmates graduated college, 20 years ago this May, I felt completely different. There was a stark reality that I had simply not been prepared for: what it actually takes to “make it” in the entertainment industry.”

While she admitted that she and her peers were "fortunate to attend one of the best drama schools” – and notably nothing else – she said she still “felt stuck,” as “we were told our only option was to wait for someone else to hire us.”

“After months of trial and error, I knew I needed to create a strategy for myself; one based on what my grandparents taught me: to make a consistent living in the entertainment industry you must become a multi-hyphenate (actor/director/writer/producer) and create work for yourself AND your peers,” Howard elaborated.

Despite the Jurassic World star’s proclamation of wanting “to change that,” reiterating her “mission to empower newcomers with the same strategies that I’ve observed and practiced,”  some fans felt that she omitted the real secret to her success – being the child of a Hollywood mainstay.

“You forgot the part where your dad is a very famous Hollywood director and producer,” wrote Instagram user @beautyoflyf. “Why do nepobabies love to deny their privilege and act like it didn’t play a huge - if not the biggest - part in their careers?”

But it wasn’t just fans who were irked with Howard’s presentation. Shortly after Howard’s post hit the site, comedian and MTV personality Franchesca Ramsey took to the comments with a message questioning the timing of this advice in context with Hollywood’s ongoing strikes.

“Hi. Just learning we’re mutuals & really feeling compelled to say something that I hope you’ll be open to receive,” she commenced her comment. “This advice is extremely tone deaf given your father’s lengthy decorated career and the current #writersstrike #sagaftra strike authorization vote. The fate of our industry is in the balance & those of us without Oscar winning parents could really use your support.”

To paraphrase @mister_reginald, let’s hope Howard comes back with some “advice for people whose fathers ARENT famous directors.” We can’t all be nepo babies.