Riding public transit always brings you face-to-face with people you’d rather not have met. Making all of this worse, like everything, is influencer culture, where people will use your morning commute as an opportunity to do bits for their dozens of TikTok followers in the hopes of “making it big.”

Recently, it appears that an attempt was made to do this very thing on a bus — by hanging a hammock where people are trying to quietly get to work.


hammock on the bus!?

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Over the course of the video, the driver argues with the man to get out of the hammock while he continually refuses to do so. “I would like to see the sign that says no hammocks,” the man insists.

Well, he has a point.

We can’t be sure whether this is a YouTube prankster trying to make it big or a genuinely insane person trying to hang their hammock on the bus, though I have a strong hunch it’s the former. All I can say is that I’m not a fan — leave the hammocks outside where they belong.