Buzz Aldrin, the American astronaut who made history as the second man to walk on the moon during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, learned a very tough life lesson last week – it’s hard to punch conspiracy theorists through a computer screen.

On Saturday, April 22, Aldrin, who famously (and rightfully) hit a moon landing denier back in 2002, discovered that it’s not nearly as easy to smack idiots back to kindergarten where they belong in 2023, the NASA legend allegedly removing a heartfelt Earth Day post after moon landing deniers began flooding his mentions.

“I can’t think of a more fitting way to recognize #Earthday than with the photo of our planet taken on Apollo 11,” the 93-year-old wrote alongside one of the images he took on his moon mission.

“It was a breathtaking view to be sure, but also a poignant reminder of all that we must do to responsibly advance as a species. For now, it remains our only home,” he concluded.

Despite the wholesome message behind Aldrin’s quintessentially old man post, several conspiracy theorists begged to disagree, taking to the comments to question the former spaceman’s first-person account of visiting the moon.

@TheRealBuzz You never landed on the moon,” wrote @Danceking810 in one of the few negative replies archived on TrendsMap. “You already admitted it.”

@TheRealBuzz Just say the truth. It’s time,” added @Cat_wings22.

@TheRealBuzz Buzz, all the flat earthers say you never went,” replied @CCMarleyMoose.

Though Aldrin has remained tight-lipped on his decision to remove his post, let’s face it, the nonagenarian probably has a lot better things to do than field the nonsense ramblings of people who couldn’t pass first-grade science.

Buzz Aldrin: he landed on the moon and would land his fist on your face if he could.