On Tuesday, Israel’s official Twitter page shared a video hinting at one of their latest endeavors amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza — retrieving semen from dead soldiers and civilians to help them grow their legacies.

“Shaylee did everything she could to save her family,” the clip’s narration said after recounting the tale of one widow who unsuccessfully attempted to retrieve sperm from her late husband’s body. “We still have time to save ours. Bring back our children, now.”

Though the specifics of this procedure — one that more than 33 dead men have undergone since October 7, per Haaretz —are unknown, Twitter had their own ideas, speculating that the Israeli Defense Force had a special unit entirely dedicated to retrieving semen.

“Leader of the Sperm retrieval unit: Sperm Jack Off-Man: A man denied his gooning,” joked @GalaxyPeaBrain while @TheWapplehouse proposed a better name for the theorized unit.

“Why’d they call it the Sperm Retrieval Unit and not Whack Ops?” they asked.

But regardless of where you stand on the Israel-Hamas war, one thing is certain: to paraphrase @kthorjensen, be prepared for your children to ask what side were you on in the Cum Wars?