The NBA Finals begin tonight and it might be an understatement to stay that Canadian fans are pretty excited. It's the first time the Raptors have made an NBA Finals and this will be the first finals taking place in Canada, so Raptors fans took it upon themselves to get the edge anyway they could. And that included fireworks. 

The idea was first circulated on Instagram by a page called 6ixBuzzTV, and posts and tweets began popping up in other places as well, like Reddit. Some fans thought it was funny and all in good sportsmanship, while others thought it tasteless

Whatever you think of it, we can all agree that finding the Warriors hotel, and staking out until 3 am just to light off fireworks in hopes of disrupting their sleep is peak trolling and we support it. The only reservations we have are, it might not be the best idea to poke the beast if you know what we mean. Also, Serge Ibaka one of the big men on Toronto lives in the same building, lol. Ya played yourself! 

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