Though one driver may have headed to the car wash for a shine-up on her vehicle, she got a whole lot more than she bargained for, landing a power washer to the face after throwing her beverage at an employee.

While it’s unclear what — beyond a litterbug spirit and a sense of entitlement — prompted the car wash Karen to toss her coffee at the woman rinsing down her ride, her bad deed did not go unpunished.

After recoiling from the hit, the car wash employee snatched up her hose, proceeding to douse the entire inside of the vehicle in a strong stream of water. 

Despite serving as a textbook example of f—king around and finding out — and instant karma, for that matter — several X/Twitter users still had one question about the whole debacle: Why?

“What did the driver think was going to happen??” @interesting_aIl captioned their upload of the clip. “I’m not sure why they’re upset, you’re getting a car wash. Water tends to be a part of that,” joked @LadorreinFlowe1 while @ESUTD_ opted to vouch for the scorned worker.

“She was just cleaning his car,” she wrote.

So take it from this newly soaked Karen: Never throw drinks at people trying to do their job … especially if they have a long-range hose in hand.