Brazil: home of delicious food, big behinds, and incredibly violent carjackings.

No one is immune from the carjackings either. Back in 2017, Brazilian goalkeeper Jefferson was held up at gunpoint on the way to a training session and had his car stolen from him. Police were able to recover the vehicle several hours later.

Now, a video has gone viral showing another way these carjackings can play out.

@dailymirror The moment a carjacker recognises the man in the vehicle #dailymirror #breakingnews ♬ original sound - Daily Mirror

In a clip shared by the Daily Mirror, a masked man holding an assault rifle can be seen approaching a vehicle. Suddenly, the mood turns. “I’m not going to rob this guy,” the carjacker thinks. “He’s an old friend!”

As it turns out, the carjacker and his potential victim appear to go way back. The man takes off his mask and the two exchange pleasantries — presumably the ol’ “How’s the family?” and “Is the carjacking business treating you well these days?” questions that permeate most dinner conversations. After a few moments, the carjacker sends the man on his way. How nice.

Of course, this isn’t the end of the story. The carjacker promptly turned their interest (and gun) to another victim with whom they weren’t good friends. These people are forced to leave their car, at which point the carjacker gets in and drives away.

There’s a vital lesson to be learned here. As one TikToker put it, “This is why it’s important to network!”