Snoop Dogg spotted smoking weed before Superbowl halftime show, crip walk

Amidst all the WTF and hilarious things to come out of Super Bowl Sunday, one of the funnier moments is a stadium employee nabbing a recording of a totally unaware Snoop Dogg crouched beside the stage trying to sneakily get a few hits off a joint before the halftime show. 

While Snoop smoking weed everywhere and anywhere is as old as old news gets, the fact that he's crouched over like a high-school fast-food employee trying to get a couple hits out back before his boss catches him makes it hilarious. Especially since it's not even illegal in California anymore

Knowing Snoop is only a few moments removed from his crouched-over, sketchy stoner maneuver makes his performance of the halftime show, where he notably does the crip-walk over and over, even more hilarious. 

Snoop's notorious for getting high just about everywhere -- including the White House -- as he confirms in this infamous segment that gets Anderson Cooper cracking up uncontrollably. And that wasn't even the first time he'd talked about getting baked in close proximity to the Oval Office. 

Reactions to Snoop's clandestine tokes were mixed, with some people bothered by the rapper's choice to smoke weed in the middle of the stadium and many others totally on-board with him crossing another locale off his "hit list."

Either way, we don't think anybody's surprised to see Snoop Dogg toking before the big show.