Wuhan 'Wet Market'

As the coronavirus began spreading around the world last week many people online and in the real world began speculating where the dangerous disease came from. Was it a bio terrorism weapon unleashed by a shadow government? Was it caused by the bat soup we've seen people eating in Wuhan? 

Well, after a a few days and hours os speculation the CDC has confirmed what many believed to be the source, one of Wuhan's most famous and disgusting 'wet markets', where exotic animals of all kinds can be purchased and slaughtered on the spot. It is still believed that snakes are the cause of the virus. 


The Wuhan market is very popular with the Chinese as they can buy their meat 'warm' and watch it be slaughter. Though the levels of cleanliness are not up to par with many markets in the western world and that of modern grocery stores much of Wuhan, based on reports prefer buying their meat and fish this way. 

The market at the center of the coronavirus is not your average market, at least not by the standards of many western countries. Chinese can buy all kids of animals in these markets including, snakes, koalas, dogs, peacocks, wolf pups and much much more. 


The ramification of this discovery which according to the CDC 'Thirty-one of the 33 positive samples were collected from the western zone of the market" might eventually have a greater impact on Chinese society than we can think. if disease like this can grow and spread because of markets so unregulated and full of exotic species, maybe it's better they not exist in the first place. 

China's official death toll for the coronavirus sits at around 80 and the infected at around 3,000 but many experts believe both those numbers are under reported and the total infected could be more in the ten if not hundreds of thousands. 

Warning: Images from the market are disturbing.