Gas station fail

Oregonians are having a lot of trouble not only learning how to pump gas, but dealing with the frustration of having to do it themselves. It's a new concept to a large majority of the state's 4.09 million person population.

There are sure to have been plenty of fails not caught on camera during the past few days, and that got us thinking: what are some of the biggest gas station fails of all time.

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Below are some of them.

Images courtesy of our sister site

She holds that thing like Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a mini-gun.

Claiming a dominant position at the gas station.

This must be her grandpa.

This one's hard to watch. You've been warned.

You aren't supposed to put it in that hole.

When you want to wash your windshield but don't want to waste water.

Don't worry. It's just flammable.

Maybe he's just putting a little extra in the car for a long trip.

Parking is half the battle.

Someone was in a hurry.

Warming things up.