The Great Wall of China is an absolutely breathtaking accomplishment — a project both practical and artistic that began in 220 B.C. and lasted more than 1,800 years.

But no matter the beauty, walls are walls, and sometimes, walls can get in your way. Recently, two Chinese construction workers found that the historic Great Wall was proving an annoyance during one of their projects. The solution? Just rip a big-a– hole through it.

In the Shanxi region of China, two people drilled a hole in the Great Wall of China "to make a shortcut".
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According to the Washington Post, “a 38-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman working at a nearby construction site” are “suspected of using the excavator to widen an already existing gap in the wall, destroying a strip of the ancient structure to create a shortcut.” As a result, the two have been arrested.

“Their actions, police said, have caused ‘irreversible damage to the integrity of the Ming Great Wall and the safety of cultural relics,’” explained author Sarah Dadouch. Really? Kool-Aid man’ing a wall destroys it? Who would have thought.

As some Redditors pointed out, this does pose some issues with the Great Wall’s name. “Its not anymore the great wall of china, just 2 massive normal walls in china,” joked one. “Now they have two Pretty OK Walls of China,” kidded another. (Yes, I know the Great Wall is actually a lot of walls, but let’s not try to kill a joke over here, okay?)

For the time being, the accused sit in a jail in China — where I’m sure they’re really wishing they just took the long way.