Move over, haunted house actors, horror gags, and old photos — it turns out your own name and the consequences of your own actions can sometimes serve as the most terrifying jump scare of all, a hard lesson one CEO recently discovered the hard way.

Climate action group Planet Over Profit decided to turn a City College of New York lecture hall into the stage for their latest demonstration, scaring the absolute crap out of Accenture CEO Julie Sweet during a recent event by simply stating her name.

“Julie Sweet!” said the demonstrator, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from the c-suite exec. “How dare you come here to CUNY students when your company literally has oil and gas investment when your company is literally destroying our future!”

Quickly going viral on Planet Over Profit’s various social media pages, the protest group chalked up her extreme reaction to being called on her s–t — “Accountability can be scary!” they captioned the post on Instagram  — a sentiment several commenters stood by.

“If your first reaction to hearing someone yell your name is to scream in fright, that should be a moment of introspection,” wrote @mattm.jpg.

“That scream said she was guilty,” added @_gee__sus.

But regardless of whether Sweet was startled because of the loud noise or hearing her name, one thing is certain — the call is most definitely coming from inside the house.