Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, many people have noted that low-effort engagement posts are on the rise. More specifically, low-effort engagement posts from verified accounts whose tweets get boosted by Musk’s algorithm. They’re everywhere and difficult to escape, so naturally, people have started having fun with them.

A recent post from a bizarre Twitter account called @slenderbabes that went viral last week featured a video of two — you guessed it — slender babes walking into an elevator. The caption reads, “These two walk into your elevator. What’s your response?”

Obviously, the video is meant to promote the girls’ OnlyFans accounts, and the responses are meant to be sexy as a result. Fortunately, many Twitter users are far more adventurous than that, and decided to approach the question from a different angle entirely.

@funeralpig, who is clearly an experienced warrior, responded, “Charge attack to stun the small one and then switch to my rapier and bait a grab to parry the large one into a counter-attack opening.” Another user, who’s obviously been in similar situations in the past, warned, “They revive each other after ten seconds and they have a second phase where they gain one health bar and a massive AOE.”

We should all be thankful to low-effort accounts like @slenderbabes for giving us reason to pause and think of the best strategies to defeat two enemies in combat in close quarters. Thank you, slenderbabes! And if it’s true that the two women in the video lost their jobs for another video filmed on the same day, purportedly with their boss, we’re sorry to hear about the unemployment, ladies.