Though AI Chatbots may have recently gained notoriety for hiring a TaskRabbit to complete a CAPTCHA test, doing their damnedest to break up a New York Times reporter and his wife on Valentine’s Day, these programs have yet to scratch the surface of their true potential — namely, writing ballads about gay frogs … for exclusively gay users.

Earlier this week, TikToker @misleadreed learned this lesson the hard way, detailing how their request for ChatGPT to follow in the footsteps of gay frog expert Alex Jones went off the rails in a now-viral TikTok.

@misleadreed I love it #greenscreen #chatgpt #frog #gay ? original sound - reed

“I asked chat GPT  to write me a song about being a gay frog and it was like no, no no no that’s offensive,” they explained in a clip that had since garnered upwards of 27,000 likes, noting that even reframing the song’s subject matter to detail “a homosexual frog” who is “proud of his homosexuality” still came up short.

“It’s like no, it’s offensive, you kind of fucked up for doing that,” they recalled of the AI’s reply. The only thing that could quell the ChatBot’s sensitive conscience? A pinky promise that  @misleadreed  was in fact gay.

“I was like well, it’s not inappropriate, I’m gay,” they remembered.”  And it was like ‘I apologize for the misunderstanding here’s your song.’” before spitting out what may be the banger of the century.