donald trump looking at screen during press conference april 13 2020

During a White House press conference yesterday, Donald Trump got into a heated argument with CBS reporter Paula Reid, who called him out for overlooking any mistakes or delays the U.S. government has made in responding to the novel coronavirus.

Earlier in the conference, Trump played a highlight video of Republican and Democratic officials thanking him for issuing a national emergency order and restricting air travel. The video felt kind of like a kid getting up in front of the class to brag about how cool his mom says he is.

However, the video goes from January straight to March and completely skips over February, when the U.S. government wasn't sure how aggressively to respond to the virus.

So when the CBS reporter asked Trump about the February gap, that set him off to start arguing with her. At the same time, CNN started displaying some pretty damning and funny chyrons at the bottom of the screen:

trump cnn chyron trump uses task force briefing to try and rewrite history on coronavirus response

trump cnn chyron angry trump turns briefing into propaganda session

trump cnn chyron trump refuses to acknowledge any mistakes

trump cnn chyron trump melts down in angry response to reports he ignored virus warnings

trump cnn chyron angry trump uses propaganda video, produced by government employees at taxpayers expense

In the end, Trump summed up his own reaction with his characteristic mix of danger, mystery, and fear:

trump fox chyron I think we're going to go boom

One can only hope he was referring to Eddie Murphy's Boom Boom Room.