Just yesterday, we covered the remote Peruvian region of Alto Nanay, and reports that the town was under siege by seven-foot-tall armed green translucent aliens. The attacks turned out to be the result of illegal gold miners from Columbia or Brazil, but rumors quickly swirled that they were in possession of high-caliber American military tech. 

Now, a different conspiracy from Peru is also alleging American malpractice. This time, it’s the CIA, and a supposed secret facility in the middle of the jungle that houses real-life dinosaurs.

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The United States does run a facility in the middle of the Peruvian jungle called Naval Medical Research Unit South, which was formerly known as Naval Medical Research Unit Six according to Wikipedia. That facility is publicly used “to investigate prophylactic agents such as vaccines and pharmaceuticals against tropical infectious diseases,” but privately, plenty of people think the CIA is up to something very different.

According to multiple TikTok videos published by conscape, a man named Diego Lopez ventured into the jungle to find the truth, and discovered real-world dinosaurs as in Jurassic Park. However, after posting a video, it was deleted and he was never heard from again. His report confirmed that Unit 6 was up to no good, but disproved other theories of extraterrestrial involvement.

I was unable to uncover any evidence of Lopez’s existence or his dinosaur video. There is also limited evidence or reporting on anything else involving the Naval Medical Research Unit South, and conscape has other outlandish videos formatted in similar ways.

The Naval Medical Research Unit South also has a very run-of-the-mill Facebook page, with official-looking photos throughout. And although comments are limited on all of their posts, it hardly looks like a remote facility in the jungle.

So is the CIA up to no good in Peru? Absolutely. There are extensive reports of American-backed operations assisting the country’s recent coup to overthrow President Pedro Castillo. But there’s no way they would keep dinosaurs in the jungle when they could put them in a theme park and make money.