Golf has a reputation for being a rigid, stuck-up sport for rich people who don’t take kindly to breaching its lengthy list of unwritten rules. That’s why watching a group of young and raucous climate protestors take on the elite Hamptons Sebonack Golf Club while wearing Orca suits is hilarious, if not almost equally infuriating. : One of the wealthiest Hamptons Golf Course was stormed by protestors. (via pop4culture / TW) #golf #golftiktok ♬ original sound - SI Golf

A membership to the gold club is allegedly north of half a million dollars and is an invite-only affair. If you want to play a round, that will cost you somewhere around $500 before a caddy. It’s safe to say then, that this group could use a little chaos to take the sticks partially out of their behinds. Enter the pop4climate group, protesting against billionaires and golf courses on behalf of the climate.

The group began by making a reservation at the club’s exclusive restaurant and showing up in orca costumes. It’s safe to say the normal patrons were less than pleased. After being kicked out, the group returned to cause total chaos.

“I just know they went home and yelled at their wives for this,” It’s ya boy joked.

@pop4climate Orcas love mischief! After a long weekend protesting the 1% in the Hamptons, our friends joined us for dinner. We didn't expect them to get in lol We didn't end up getting food cuz but we tipped and dipped :) #orcas #climatechange #climateaction #hamptons ♬ original sound - POP4climate

@pop4climate Rich people threw us out of The Palm, one of the most expensive Hamptons restaurants. All we did was try to blend in with some casual conversation about luxury emissions ‍♀️ They got big mad... > #climatejustice #taxtherich #climateaction #hamptons #orcas #biden ♬ original sound - POP4climate

While it’s hard to believe pop4climate is accomplishing anything of value with its protest, it’s fun to see them live out every serf’s dream of ransacking the lord’s palace. And why shouldn’t golfers have to deal with loud and raucous fans just like in every other sport?