In danger of sounding like a narc just let me say this first: I don't care if Taylor Swift does cocaine, in fact, I would prefer that she did. This isn't some gotcha game targetting the biggest pop star in the world. In fact, it's just the opposite. 

The Twitter aggregator account, Rap World posted an upward shot of Taylor Swift's nostrils the other day without any context whatsoever. And in her nose, two boogers can be seen (one in each nostril). The context, which was lacking from the post, was meant to imply that Taylor is a fan of the booger sugar; nose-beers; sneeze; you know, cocaine. 

Here is the post, will all its lack of context.   

Much of the quote tweets are a mix of jokes and fake outrage.

"imagine my shock. a rich famous musician. doing cocaine. i am downright appalled. i am clutching my pearls so hard that im cutting off circulation" commented @uncledoomer

"i’m sorry but this girl is performing a 3+ hour show with a 40+ song setlist she HAS to be on coke" mused @fkajack

But before you jump to the conclusion that Taylor is into skiing, we thought it would be smart to hear from an expert, you know, someone who is most likely high on cocaine at this very moment. 

This is where @therapistLloyd comes in to clear the air (blow the nose). "Hi cokehead here, these are regular boogers, thank you!" 

Now, I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I'm inclined to believe Lloyd on this one. Those aren't coke boogers, those are booger boogers. Someone get this woman a tissue!