Holy sh*t, it really happened. We got an actual woman to come to the eBaum's World office. A real one. I know, we're just as shocked as you are. If you don't know her name by now, you most definitely will. We sat down with comedian, stoner, and new Jackass cast member, Rachel Wolfson.

Some fun facts before we dive in. Rachel enjoys partaking in the marijuana, her mom actually put O.J. Simpson away (the second time), and she trusts Jackass director Jeff Tremaine just about as far as she can throw him. Rachel is also the first ever woman Jackass-ee, which is no small feat. She loves spooning men named 'Shrek' and the fact that Johnny Knoxville slipped into her DMs and basically pitched her a role in Jackass Forever proves how f**king funny this girl really is.

From comedic writer to stunt woman extraordinaire. Buckle your seatbelts because you're all in for a wild and epic ride. We're thrilled she flew 3,000 plus miles to talk to us in person - my future ex-stepmom - Rachel Wolfson.

We also thought it'd be fun to watch Rachel squirm a bit. So we hooked her up with an Oculus headset and put her on a VR rollercoaster. We then began throwing the most absurd, random, and batsh*t crazy questions her way. The result was just as expected. Pure chaos.

A huge shoutout to both Rachel and her devilishly handsome boyfriend, comedian Mat Edgar for taking time out of their busy schedules to come hang out with us for a day. From the bottom of our cold, dark hearts, thank you both for your time! My tiddies have never been harder.