Conor McGregor caused quite the scene today at the UFC 233 press event in Brooklyn New York. McGregor who was not on the card for the event flew from Ireland to NYC to confront fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov who recently had a heated incident with a good friend of Conor's. 

Here is the video which inspired Conor to travel to NY in the first place. 

McGregor can be seen forcing his way into the arena with a group of his friends before getting on an elevator and heading to the parking garage. The group eventually found Nurmagomedov as him and his team were leaving on their bus, which McGregor and crew proceeded to attack with trash cans, barricades and palettes. 

Dana White said that the NYC police had issued a warrant for McGregors arrest, but those reports have not been confirmed. There have been a few reported injuries, as one fighter suffered cuts to his face after McGregor threw a chair into the window of Nurmagomedov bus.