Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, better known as XXXtentacion was shot and killed while leaving a motorsports store in Broward County Florida where he lived. While sitting at a stop sign a black SUV pulled in front of Onfroy's vehicle when two men emerged in red ski masks carry guns before shooting X to death. 

XXXtentacion is a controversial figure, to say the least. He first gathered fame while in prison for an assault he inflicted on his then PREGNANT girlfriend, whom he then kept trapped in his house denying her medical attention for days on end. You can read about the incident here.

Onfroy was without a shadow of a doubt a bad person, a young person, but a bad one. And since his death, the Internet has been debating how one should mourn, if at all, the life and death of a young and troubled man like X. But that is not why we're here, we're here because people think X is still alive. That he faked his own death and is sitting on a beach somewhere smoking stogies with Tupac. 

**Warning: Graphic Images Below**

TMZ and the Broward County Sheriff's department both reported that X was shot in the neck which appeared to kill him instantly, but many fans online aren't buying it. 

The image above is a screenshot from the shooting. X does not appear to be covered in blood as you would expect after being shot in the neck, though it is possible (obviously) that the blood is on the other side of his neck. (duh) 

In addition, people claim that X doesn't appear to have two identifying tattoos, one a clock on his check and the other a tree in the center of his forehead. However, the image and video are both low quality and shakey, so the camera may have just not captured them clearly. (duh) 

Further speculation claims that Drake may be a possible suspect in the murder case, as the two artists had a running beef last year when X rose to fame. The thought that Drake's "secret son" was exposed because of X and that this is Drake's retaliation. I mean, c'mon guys, Drake? Really, you think Drake would kill or have anyone killed? That's a reach, but when has that ever stopped people from assuming crazy things before. 

I am someone who loves a good conspiracy theory as much if not more than the next guy, but this one is just silly and rather stupid. Not because it isn't intriguing but because of who is spreading it. X's fans are showing themselves to be tasteless and awful people in their own right. After starting a riot in LA yesterday and burning the signs and flowers of his battered ex-girlfriend at a vigil in Florida these stans don't deserve to memorialize this monster. X could have been an iconic artist if only he didn't BEAT HIS PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND! Asshole.