Though Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin is presumed to be dead after a private jet he was allegedly on crashed near Moscow leaving no survivors, the mystery surrounding the incident may have taken on a George W. Bush-ian twist with the possible existence of a second plane.

“Shortly after the Crash in the Tver Region, a 2nd Business Jet owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin was heading along a similar Route from St. Petersburg landed in Moscow,” open source intelligence Twitter page @sentdefender wrote alongside screengrabs appearing to depict the second aircraft’s flight path.

Though these reports remain unverified — as do several details surrounding the crash, including who, exactly was killed after the passenger plane went down — a handful of social media skeptics took this as evidence of a broader conspiracy hinting that that, as @DYTF07 put it, “the hot dog mercenary fake[d] his death.”

“It’s most likely what’s being reported about Prigozhin’s demise is true on its face, but if I wanted to fake my death, this sure would be a great way to do it,” wrote @PostModernTwitr.

“If I was Prigozhin this is exactly how I'd plot my fake death,” added @SamiV.  “Everyone would be happy; I could retire in peace.”

But as these rumors began to swirl, Sergey Trifonov, CEO of Jetica which operated the doomed flight, denied that there was any correlation between the two planes.

"Neither the plane itself nor its passengers are related to Wagner and never have been," he told Reuters.

Though we may never know the truth behind this mysterious crash, we can only hope that Prigozhin is alive, well and staying VERY far away from precariously-opened high-rise windows in Moscow.