Though girlboss icon Anna Delvey famously does not have time for this or for you, there is one thing the ambiguous-accented convicted scammer *definitely* does have time for — collecting her friends’ social security numbers.

Since leaving prison and entering house arrest in October 2022, Delvey, the only star since Lindsay Lohan to make court-mandated ankle monitors look effortlessly chic, has relaunched her presence as a New York City socialite, hosting star-studded bashes from the comfort of her East Village abode.

Nicknamed “Club House Arrest,” the terms of entering Delvey’s exclusive parties are similar to that of its namesake, a sentiment best exemplified through the erm, suspiciously detailed forms attendees at her 32nd birthday party last week signed upon entry or via email prior to the event.

Despite featuring largely standard NDA language, per Page Six who managed to obtain a copy of the document, Delvey decided to spice it up a bit, adding a section open for guests to provide their SSN. Giving your info to someone charged with multiple counts of larceny? What could possibly go wrong!

Even with Delvey’s apparent insistence on garnering everyone’s numbers — a venture that was for like, totally relevant security purposes that weren’t sketchy at all, you guys — it seems few of her pals opted to fill the section, those who actually did largely followed in the famed birthday girl’s footsteps and simply made shit up.

Social Security numbers may come and go, but clout is forever.