A Los Angeles Police Department officer inadvertently found themselves playing IRL GTA last week, slamming straight into another cop running across the street while attempting to track down an allegedly stolen vehicle.

Though the driving officer appeared to have ample notice of their colleague’s presence — the fellow cop can be seen clearly running long before they made the turn — they refused to yield, bulldozing their sprinting pal.

While the collision appeared brutal, the on-foot officer slamming into the grill of the squad car before ricocheting back, skidding along the pavement before coming to a stop, it evidently wasn't that bad.

'We were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle when an officer was struck at the termination sustaining non-life threatening injuries,” LAPD Captain Kelly Muniz recalled of the incident. “We are thankful our officer was not seriously injured in this accident.”

We, however, are not nearly as thankful. Remember, kids, ACAB also applies to policing pedestrians.